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Azra AI

Azra AI


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Azra AI uses patented AI software to read millions of unstructured data sources and identify at-risk patients in need of follow-up care, resulting in more equitable health outcomes, increased patient retention, and a reduced burden on clinical workers. This revolutionary technology — used in hospitals and cancer centers across the country — accelerates the patient care process and positively impacts clinical, financial, and operational outcomes.

Azra AI’s Approach

Azra AI’s platform disrupts the manual and repetitive processes in healthcare to identify positive cancer diagnoses and incidental findings in real-time, classify those diagnoses by primary site, and route those patients to cancer navigators and other staff to immediately start the cancer care journey. The results include faster time to treatment, increased navigator time with patients, and better patient retention in a health system’s oncology program. In addition, Azra AI’s platform improves healthcare operations with dramatic operational and financial gains through automation.

Founder & CEO

Chris Cashwell