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Braincheck from the book "How AI Can Democratize Healthcare" by Michael Ferro & Robin Farmanfarmaian


BrainCheck Website

BrainCheck is a cognitive health platform for cognitive and behavioral health assessment.

BrainCheck has taken the standard neurological exams found in a neurologist’s clinic and turned those tests into a gamified smart tablet app that takes 5–10 minutes to complete. Suddenly, those standard neurological exams don’t require a healthcare professional to administer. The primary care office just needs to hand the patient a smart tablet or send the app to the patient to use at home on their own device.

BrainCheck is FDA cleared and falls under two Medicare reimbursement codes for the cognitive test and cognitive care platform, so clinics can get paid when covered patients use the software under their clinical guidance.

Founder David Eagleman
& CEO Yael Katz

Founder David Eagleman
CEO Yael Katz