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About Website has multiple AI-based software products for image analysis to detect hemorrhages, aneurysm, pulmonary embolism, aortic disease, stroke, and more. Their platform also provides a place for coordination of care. 

Their FDA cleared, AI-based software for stroke can be used to quickly detect a specific type of costly and highly damaging stroke called large vessel occlusion (LVO) strokes. This is now reimbursed by Medicare as a “New Technology Add-on Payment” when used in the ER to help diagnose suspected LVO cases. It has been shown to improve patient outcomes by catching LVO strokes earlier than without the software, and minutes count when dealing with an LVO stroke.



Neurosurgeon Dr. Chris Mansi & Machine Learning Expert Dr. David Golan

Co-founder & CEO Dr. Chris Mansi
Co-founder & CTO Dr. David Golan