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FIGUR8 from the book "How AI Can Democratize Healthcare" by Michael Ferro & Robin Farmanfarmaian


FIGUR8 Website

Founder & CEO Nan-Wei Gong

The FIGUR8 system uses a Biomotion FUSION Sensor to measure joint motion and muscle function with high accuracy for Musculoskeletal (MSK) problems.

FIGUR8’s product is a set of sensors a user wears on their body in conjunction with AI-enabled software. The sensors capture data on the body’s positioning: the bones, muscles, and joints are digitized in minutes, creating a reflective image of the user on the computer. Because sensors are highly portable, people can be measured and digitized anywhere and anytime, in minutes. FIGUR8 initially launched in 2019 for neck and back pain, and are expanding to other areas of the body including knee and lumbar pain.

From the FIGUR8 Website

FIGUR8 is currently in use by Fortune 500 companies, in addition to professional sports teams like the Red Sox. The reason is clear – not only does FIGUR8 track progress over time, but they are creating a giant database in conjunction with the data from the partnership between the MIT Media Lab and Mass General Hospital. With that data they can help a company design training programs for employees. For example, Amazon has a number of workers with MSK injuries in their warehouses. By collecting data on both the warehouse training sessions and on workers doing their job, FIGUR8 can help a company design a training program that reduces the risk of injury. That same data can be used in many ways beyond training and reducing the risk of injury. For instance, it can help an insurance company create more accurate policies for employers.

Founder and CEO

Founder & CEO Nan-Wei Gong


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