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Propeller Health on the Democratizing Healthcare website

Propeller Health

About Propeller Health Website Working with patients and healthcare providers to manage asthma or COPD. Since COPD is such a complex condition to manage, Propeller helps patients where they need it the most, in their daily lives. Managing chronic and rare respiratory diseases is challenging for patients, caregivers and those who provide and enable…

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RecoveryOne on the Democratizing Healthcare website


About RecoveryOne Website RecoveryOne is a digital healthcare solution that is improving the cost, quality, and experience for the 99 million Americans who suffer from MSK conditions every year. From the RecoveryOne Website Educational Articles Don’t just treat low back pain. Outsmart it. Virtual Physical Therapy Driving Improved Outcomes and a Faster Return to Work The rise…

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Telemedora on the Democratizing Healthcare website


About Telemedora Website Telemedora is a Silicon Valley based healthcare company which focuses on making quality care accessible in a timely manner across multiple states. Telemedora specializes in telepulmonology, teleintensive care (tele-ICU), and tele-sleep services. Some of the services include virtual sleep evaluation, home sleep apnea testing, treatment, patient education and compliance tracking. Sleep was added…

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Medikarma on the Democratizing Healthcare website


About Medikarma website MediKarma uses artificial intelligence (AI) to connect the thousands of data points in your electronic healthcare records and devices to improve your health with personalized, step-by-step recommendations. From the Medikarma website Founding Team Kris Narayan Chairman & CEO  Vish Kulkarni COO - Co-Founder Andris Vaskis CTO - Co-Founder

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Videra Health on the Democratizing Healthcare website

Videra Health

About Videra Health Website Automated, AI-Assisted, Video Assessments The Videra Health platform enables payers and providers to monitor and measure healthcare interactions through automated clinical workflows (screenings, intakes, evaluations, follow-ups, triage). Leveraging asynchronous video, AI-powered analytics, and automation, providers can improve their efficiency and reach while receiving valuable insight about patients to intervene and…

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BeCare Link on the democratizing healthcare website

BeCare Link

About BeCare Link Website Remote patient monitoring platform designed and created by clinical physicians, BeCare's vision is to fundamentally change the way we understand and manage chronic neurologic diseases, remove biases and find new treatments with better outcomes. From the BeCare Link website BeCare Link provides validated, quantitative measurements of neurologic function and cognition, supplemented…

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