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Healiom from the book “How AI Can Democratize Healthcare” by Michael Ferro and Robin Farmanfarmaian


Healiom Website

Healiom is a startup to watch in the telemedicine specialist space that connects individuals to specialists in minutes 24/7, no matter where they live in the US.

This is a big deal because the average national wait time for a physician like a cardiologist or nephrologist is 24 days, which is a long time to wait when someone is dealing with chronic heart failure (CHF), kidney disease, or COPD.

Another major problem Healiom solves is the actual access to specialists. Those who live in remote or sparsely populated areas of the U.S. may have to travel hours by car to see a specialist like a cardiologist. Traveling hours to see a physician is a barrier many people aren’t able to overcome, including those without reliable transportation or flexible work hours. When virtual specialists are combined with point of care diagnostics and remote monitoring, even someone who lives 5 hours from a hospital can have access to care as if they lived in a major city.  


Founder Ash Damle