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Neurolutions IpsiHand

Neurolutions from the book "How AI Can Democratize Healthcare" by Michael Ferro & Robin Farmanfarmaian


Neurolutions IpsiHand Website

The IpsiHand Upper Extremity Rehabilitation System by Neurolutions is the first FDA approved BCI for stroke recovery. Founded by world-renowned BCI expert Dr. Eric Leuthardt, it consists of a robot exoskeleton that is worn on the hand and forearm, a headset, and a smart tablet. Six months after a stroke, a patient can use this BCI controlled robot hand exoskeleton at home to help increase their range of motion and re-educate the muscles.

There is a reason IpsiHand started with the hand versus another part of the body. Many people have trouble with finger grip and dexterity even after other injured muscles have improved. IpsiHand works with the uninjured side of the brain to control the exoskeleton, building new neural pathways to replace the ones damaged by a stroke, which helps the patient regain strength and dexterity.

Founder, Dr. Eric Leuthardt

Founder, Dr. Eric Leuthardt