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iPal by AvatarMind

iPal Robot from the book "How AI Can Democratize Healthcare" by Michael Ferro & Robin Farmanfarmaian


iPal by AvatarMind Website

The aging-in-place iPal robot is for senior companionship and care. It is an example of an AI voice technology smart speaker taking the form factor of a mobile humanoid robot with an installed smart tablet. iPal is about three and a half feet tall and has 4 wheels so that the robot can move independently. Unlike robots that exist to perform manual tasks, the iPal robot itself is not a useful robot beyond the ability to roll around and dance. The aesthetics of the form factor of a cute robot creates a fun and interesting way to interact with a smart speaker and tablet.

The form factor and fun additions such as makes AI voice technology feel like another person or some type of being in the room, versus a smart tablet which feels like a device. That feeling means iPal is also a companion, which can help people feel like they aren’t alone. Loneliness is a major problem for many people across the world.

Beyond the healthcare applications, the iPal robot is also used as hospitality robot in buildings and hotels. The robot can also be used with children.

Co-founder John Ostrem

Co-founder John Ostrem