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iPal by AvatarMind

iPal Robot from the book "How AI Can Democratize Healthcare" by Michael Ferro & Robin Farmanfarmaian


iPal by AvatarMind Website

Originally designed as a teachers’ aid for children, the iPal2 offers an open development platform allowing users to leverage brain games, music therapy and other content to engage and entertain older adults with various levels of cognitive ability. The iPal2 is a 40″ tall humanoid robot with a 10″ Android tablet on the chest plus a hand-held remote control. In addition to Alexa, Zoom and other popular apps, AvatarMind offers proprietary apps to facilitate text-to-speech chats, changes in facial expressions and movement (using a smart phone or separate tablet). This easy-to-use robot can reduce stress on staff or volunteer caregivers when used for 1:1 visits or in group activities. 

From the iPal Robot Website

Unlike service robots that exist to perform manual tasks, the iPal2 robot itself is considered a ‘social’ robot. It has wheels on the base so it can roll around and the arms and head move so the robot seems to dance. However, it is the aesthetics of the form factor of a cute robot that creates a fun and more engaging way to interact. People often name their robots and want to have their picture taken with them. 

Social isolation, loneliness and boredom are critical concerns for the health of older adults. They can lead to accelerated cognitive decline and increased risk of early death. The form factor and fun additions in the iPal2 make AI voice technology feel like another person or some type of being in the room, versus just a smart tablet which feels like a device. That means iPal2 helps provide companionship, which can help people feel like they aren’t so alone. 

From the iPal Robot Website

Beyond the education and healthcare applications, the iPal2 robot is also used as hospitality robot in retail stores and hotels. 


Co-founder of AvatarMind and the iPal Robot, John Ostrem

John Ostrem

Partner Reseller: Social Robots

Social Robots Website

Social Robots is a reseller of the iPal robots, with deep customization to the robot, apps, and content to the leaser or purchaser. Social Robots specializes in the elder care market, including homes, assisted living, retirement communities, and long-term care facilities.

Founder of Social Robots

Lee St James
Founder of Social Robots, Lee St James