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Update on Digital Therapeutics

About Digital Therapeutics Digital therapeutics (DTx) and prescription digital therapeutics (PDT) refer to a type of software application that is designed to deliver therapeutic interventions to patients through digital platforms such as smartphones, tablets, or personal computers. Digital therapeutics can be used to treat a wide range of conditions, including chronic diseases, mental health disorders,…

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Videra Health on the Democratizing Healthcare website

Videra Health

About Videra Health Website Automated, AI-Assisted, Video Assessments The Videra Health platform enables payers and providers to monitor and measure healthcare interactions through automated clinical workflows (screenings, intakes, evaluations, follow-ups, triage). Leveraging asynchronous video, AI-powered analytics, and automation, providers can improve their efficiency and reach while receiving valuable insight about patients to intervene and…

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OPTT on the Democratizing Healthcare website

OPTT Health

About OPTT Health's Website OPTT Health is virtual behavioral health platform for psychotherapists to provide clinically validated interactive therapy to their patients. From the OPTT Health Website Using machine learning and AI-based algorithms, OPTT evaluates the patient’s mental status to help clinicians deliver their care. Video Founding Team …

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thymia on the democratizing healthcare website


About thymia Website thymia is making mental health assessments smart. By using video games based on Neuropsychology plus AI-driven analysis for both video and speech to accurately, remotely and objectively monitor and assess mental health issues. thymia monitors thousands of facial features to identify depression signatures. They use vocal biomarkers to study both how someone…

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Headspace Health from the book “How AI Can Democratize Healthcare” by Michael Ferro and Robin Farmanfarmaian

Headspace Health

About Headspace Health Website Headspace Health is a digital behavioral health company. With over $215M of funding, Headspace Health is one of the dominate players in meditation, behavioral health, and inclusivity in behavioral health. Headspace has made a number of acquisitions including Ginger and Shine. Ginger is also covered here and Shine is covered here…

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Lyra from the book "How AI Can Democratize Healthcare" by Michael Ferro & Robin Farmanfarmaian


About Lyra Health Website Lyra screens, treats, and coordinates the full spectrum of needs for employees in behavioral care. Live video coaching, therapy, medication, guided self-help programs created by a coach, and digital health tools like meditation apps are available. The tools are determined by Lyra Health’s AI-based algorithms to help create the best…

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