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Twill on the Democratizing Healthcare website


Twill Website

Co-founders Ofer Leidner & Tomer Ben-Kiki

Ensemble App

Their latest solution is a Digital Therapeutics app called Ensemble to treat the symptoms of Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD) and Major Depression Disorder (MDD). In conjunction with therapy and/or medication, the 15-minute app-based exercises are led by an AI chatbot coach named Anna and completed once or twice a day. The app-based exercises work with the user to change negative thought patterns into more productive habits by focusing their attention on positive thoughts or goals, and then tracks their progress over a 10-week program. Like many of the other digital therapeutics, these new positive thought patterns aren’t just to help anxiety or depression today, they are meant to become life-long habits to help anxiety and depression long after the user stops interacting with Twill.

Ofer Leidner 

Tomer Ben-Kiki