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Akili Interactive Labs is a digital therapeutics company with over $300M in funding and went IPO through a SPAC in August of 2022.

Akili was awarded FDA clearance EUA (emergency use authorization) for their prescription video game therapeutic EndeavorRx in June of 2020. The software is currently indicated for use for children between the ages of 8–12 diagnosed with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).

As with the disease management digital therapeutics, EndeavorRx is not a replacement, but a tool to be used in conjunction with therapy, education, and/or medications, and is available by prescription only.

Video Games as Therapeutics

The Akili Interactive Labs team approached ADHD from a game mechanics standpoint. They realized that by making a treatment fun, that could lead to engagement and better compliance — especially when working with children. So, they created a video game to be used for 30 minutes a day that helps improve the child’s ability to focus and ignore distractions. The software automatically locks after 30 minutes so the child doesn’t continue to play after their treatment is completed for that day.

Experiential Learning

From the Akili Interactive Website

Akili Interactive

Recent News

Congratulations to Akili for their $1B SPAC deal in August 2022!

Akili inks $1B SPAC deal to take prescription video game tech public on Fierce Biotech

Akili wraps up Palihapitiya-led SPAC deal on Axios

Some of the Leadership Team

Click here for a complete listing of Akili Leadership Team

Eddie Martucci, PhD, Co-founder, CEO & Board Member
Adam Gazzaley, MD, PhD, Co-founder, Chief Scientific
Advisor & Board Member

Anil Jina, Chief Medical Officer

Rob Perez, Executive Chairman

Christine Lemke, Board Member

John Spinale, Board Member
Akili at the Nasdaq in August of 2022

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