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AppliedVR Website

AppliedVR uses VR digital treatments in-home for a comprehensive approach to chronic pain, empowering people to self-manage their chronic pain using digital tools.

Their EaseVRx VR treatment cleared the FDA in October 2020 for their use of VR in pain management, specifically focused on treatment-resistant fibromyalgia and chronic low back pain.

They are already used in over 250 hospitals to treat a range of conditions, including labor pains, post-surgery, and patients in burn units. AppliedVR is also working on replacing opioids in pain management.

What their treatment is actually doing is teaching the patient how to self-regulate their body, emotions, and cognitive responses to stress and pain. AppliedVR uses a method based on Cognitive Behavior Therapy, a gold standard in healthcare to treat pain, depression, and addiction.


Matthew Stoudt, Co-Founder and CEO

Josh Sackman, Co-Founder and President

David Sackman, Co-Founder and Chairman