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Biospectal in the book "How AI Can Democratize Healthcare" by Michael Ferro & Robin Farmanfarmaian


Biospectal Website

Blood pressure measurements using a smartphone and fingertip

Biospectal is a Switzerland based startup with $4.3M of funding, partly from LabCorp. They are currently working to scale their OptiBP smartphone app worldwide, including into the United States.

How it Works

The way it works is an individual places their fingertip over the smartphone camera’s optical lens, and the OptiBP smartphone app detects and measures blood pressure flow under the fingertip. It takes about 20 seconds, which is much faster than a traditional blood pressure cuff and turns the ubiquitous smartphone into an on-demand medical device.

Their software is based upon 10 years of non-invasive optical biosensing R&D and 5 years of validation at CSEM, the Swiss Center for Electronics and Microtechnology.

Recent News

Biospectal Partners with Amref Health Africa to Extend Global Access to Blood Pressure Management


Co-founder & CEO Eliott Jones
Co-Founder & Chief Medical Officer, Patrick Shoettker, MD