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Breathment Digitizing pulmonary rehabilitation on the Democratizing Healthcare website as an example startup


Breathment Website

Breathment is digitizing pulmonary rehabilitation for patients suffering from respiratory diseases under the health professionals’ control using the power of AI. It consists of three components: a therapy app for patients to keep track of their individual treatment progress, an AI Trainer for patients to perform their exercises with a digital physiotherapist, and a remote patient monitoring dashboard.

AI Trainer

Breathment’s AI-Trainer enables your patients to perform their breathing & physical exercises without your presence, using only a mobile device with a camera. AI-Trainer guides the patients on how to perform their exercise, while monitoring them at the same time. Through its AI-powered motion and breathing pattern tracking, it gives instant feedback to the patient whether they are performing the exercise correctly.

Therapy app for patients

Breathment’s therapy app keeps patients up to date with their individual treatment progress. Patients can see their assigned exercise programs and tasks, as well as keep track of their own medication.


MyClinic is Breathment’s remote patient monitoring dashboard. It offers patient onboarding & management, tailored exercise program creation, exercise performance & well-being monitoring, and data-driven therapy process optimization.


Elcin Can Cavusoglu – Co-founder & CEO

Yalvac Top
– Co-founder & CTO
Baturay Yalvac – Co-founder & COO