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Evidation Health

Evidation Health from the book "How AI Can Democratize Healthcare" by Michael Ferro & Robin Farmanfarmaian


Evidation Health Website

Evidation Health is a Unicorn startup platform that metricizes people’s health on a day to day basis while enabling them to join in cutting edge research.

Evidation Health partners with individuals, health systems, and other key healthcare stakeholders to understand disease and health outside of the time spent in a clinic or hospital. With over 4 million individuals signed up, the platform incentivizes and recommends small changes to help people improve their health. The individual can then participate in cutting edge research by allowing their health data to be used by researchers, scientists, and biotech companies.


Deborah Kilpatrick, Christine Lemke, Alessio Signorini, Mikki Nasch, Luca Foschini

Co-founder, Co-CEO, Deborah Kilpatrick
Co-founder, Co-CEO, Christine Lemke
Co-founder and CTO at Evidation Health, Alessio Signorini
Co-founder at Evidation Health, Mikki Nasch
Co-founder, Chief Data Scientist at Evidation Health, Luca Foschini