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Hyfe AI

Hyfe AI from the book "How AI Can Democratize Healthcare" by Michael Ferro & Robin Farmanfarmaian


Hyfe AI Website 

Hyfe AI detects and tracks coughs and cough frequency, remotely and in real-time using a smartphone or Hyfe AI’s autonomous wearable device. The wearable tracker doesn’t need to connect to the internet, so it can be worn anywhere and anytime. One of their goals is to transform health systems by creating evidence-based acoustic tools for disease detection and tracking. Currently they have a free app that can be used as a wellness information tool. The app can record and monitor coughs, and users can elect to share the recordings with their care team. Now when a patient speaks with their physician, they can report the exact number of times they cough while awake and asleep. Cough frequency tracking provides objective data that can indicate whether a patient’s symptoms are worsening or improving, which could lead to a change in medication, environment, or additional medical tests. 

Tracking the number of times a patient coughs is crucial for clinical trials as well. When testing a new medication for diseases and conditions like whooping cough (pertussis), coughing is a major symptom to track.


Co-founder and CEO Joe Brew
Co-founder Iulian Circo
Co-founder Paul Riege