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Life365 from the book "How AI Can Democratize Healthcare" by Michael Ferro & Robin Farmanfarmaian


Life365 Website

Life365 is a remote patient monitoring company that partners with clinics and healthcare professionals to monitor their patients at home.

Life365 integrates into existing medical practices and has programs that target specific diseases or disorders like hypertension, weight loss, diabetes, and cardiac care. The way it works is Life365 sends a box kit of Bluetooth-enabled medical devices to the patient’s home, specific to their condition.

The diabetes box kit includes a glucose monitor, blood pressure monitor, and a scale. Other box kits may include pulse oximeters, thermometers, or EKG monitors. The data is automatically uploaded to the cloud and integrated into the patient’s hospital EMR. The software detects if any of the data from the clinical grade monitoring devices are outside the predetermined range and alerts the clinician and patient.

They also have 24-hour nurses on call, in addition to coaching, education, and can enable a reimbursable telemedicine visit for the clinician. In 2022, the four qualifying Medicare CPT codes for RPM reimbursement come out to about $155/month per patient. If a medical practice has 100 Medicare patients using RPM, that is an additional $15,500+/month of revenue.

Founder & CEO Kent Dicks

Founder & CEO Kent Dicks